Welcome at Schmalzlhof


A team with many great qualities

Our recipe for "wellbeing"…

A large portion of friendliness, 2 large ladles of congeniality seasoned with a generous pinch of gratitude, a few spoonfuls of love for our region and authentic fondness. Mix well with the aromas of the Dolomites and the magical colours of Lake Antholz and savour, calmly ... At the Schmalzlhof, we are all of those things.

The considerate: Manuela Klammer

… is known for her passion for lavishing attention on her guests. Her work brings joy to her life. She loves nothing more than meeting people and making friends with travellers from all corners of the globe. Her work allows her to spend time around her family, who are an essential part of her life. Manuela caters for her guest’s any needs or wishes as if they were one of her loved ones. With her as your host, you will be in excellent hands.

 A piece of expert advice: from the hotel, walk along the Antholz river and the Mühltal to Niederrasen (Rasun di Sotto). The gentle babbling of the water and the magnificent view of the mountains will revitalise you and bring you joy.   Manuela

The sociable: Christian Klammer

… who solves the everyday problems. His natural friendliness, sincerity and obliging nature make him the perfect host, well-liked by all. Together with Manuela, he runs the hotel with a practical and collaborative spirit. If you were to ask him whether he occasionally finds his work a burden, you’d hear him say: “If you like something, it doesn’t seem like work!” In the evening, Christian can be found behind the bar, frequented by guests, some of whom are not just there to drink.

 My advice for those who like culture: the Plan de Corones is not just a just a skiing and hiking area, in both summer and winter it has many unmissable attractions, such as the new “Lumen” photography museum (opening winter 2018/19) and the Messner Mountain Museum Corones.   Christian

Unity is strength: all for one, one for all

Florian, Johannes and Benedikt are Manuela and Christian’s sons. Every so often, one of them can be spotted around the hotel, evidently because the passion for the work of a host is contagious ...

Klammer family
 For adrenaline junkies?
The longest zipline in Europe is only half an hour’s drive from here!   Florian, Johannes & Benedikt

Josef Klammer

… the senior, observes the hotel’s affairs from behind the scenes, but occasionally he also passes by to check in.

Josef Klammer with the kids
 For music lovers, I recommend one of the many regional concerts. It will give you an opportunity to get to know us Pustarese first hand; our culture, our customs and traditions.   Josef


... and her sons Ludwig, Markus and Egon pull the strings behind the scenes. Her husband, Thomas Klammer, is assigned to dining service.

Doris with family
 I, on the other hand, recommend a hike, stopping at the Hochraut or Mudler mountain lodges to try one of the regional specialities such as apple strudel.   Thomas
Familie Klammer  Der Schmalzlhof liegt in einem der lebenswertesten Gebiete von Europa und wir dürfen ihn mit großer Freude führen. Und Freude herrscht, wenn wir sie bald schon bei uns begrüßen und südtirolerisch bewirten dürfen.  
Ihre Familie Klammer Das sind wir  


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